What is Bermies X?

Bermies X is a premium line of mens swimwear designed from recyclable fabrics. We seek perfection by utilizing the highest quality materials to assemble a unique, refined and timeless design. The result is a unique, luxury swim trunk that is breathable, flexible, quick-drying but more importantly extremely comfortable.

What sets us apart

Our premium swim trunks are made out of 100% recyclable fabrics.  There are two side pockets and one back pocket with velcro tab and an embroidered X label. Colored eyelet holes that match each different style are embroidered allowing water to drain. Inside pockets come with their own unique pattern. Drawstring cords match each different style and have a reinforced core to keep their cylindrical shape through time. Cords also come with metal tips which have had an X laser cut into them.  4 way stretch high quality mesh liner. So comfortable you wont even feel its there. 

The lifestyle

Bermies X targets individuals who share a love for the water, the outdoors, and life conservancy. Our swim trunks are flexible, breathable, fast-drying and made of the highest quality materials you will find out there. Perfect for every occasion, from the beach to the club restaurant, you will always look classy while wearing a pair of Bermies X.

The story

Bermies X was born as an answer to those Men who look for timeless and yet at the same time trendy styles with the highest and finest quality. Men with confidence who are not anxious about the future nor nostalgic about the past, because they know exactly where they are going.